LinkedIn Rolls Out Background Images for Premium Users

Acme coIs anyone else speculating about the perfect background image for their LinkedIn profile?

As much as I kvetch and send cautionary tales about LinkedIn’s evolving (and sometimes nonsensical) offerings, I’m still a huge fan.

So when my profile on the morning of June 4 presented the opportunity to change my background photo, a la Twitter, I started scouring my iPhone files and Flickr account for the perfect photo.

In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn is rolling out a Twitter-like ability to upload a background photo to your LinkedIn profile.

Premium users can do it now. Others in weeks and months to come.

Here’s LinkedIn’s June 4 announcement, complete with an unbeatable image of an aspirational and beautifully lit  street that any of us might traverse on the way to Sunday brunch:

Like it? Love it?

I’ve abandoned my own photo lineup and spent the rest of the evening searching iStockPhoto for inspiration. I might resort to blasé photos of my own office.

Until next time!


P.S. Looking to update your LinkedIn profile photo? If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, look no further than Corner Office Image and Tonya Perme Photography’s “Social Media Photo Package.”

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