I’m Jared Redick, an executive résumé writer, speaker, and trainer based in downtown San Francisco.

As a former retained executive search consultant, I’m privileged to work with Fortune 10 professionals and beyond from around the world, many of whom are for the first time looking inward so they can move strategically forward in their careers.

They’re looking to make a change on their own terms and discovering what the future holds given their experience. As several clients have put it, they’re building their boat so they’re ready to move when the time is right.

The challenge.

But while most have built impressive careers, they’ve stopped cold when trying to transform bloated and outdated résumés into strategic career documents that represent who they’ve become.

They don’t know how to use social media — LinkedIn being among the biggest concerns — or more to the point, they know the possibilities are high for making a professional misstep on social media, so they leave an untended shell of  a profile.

And while they represent their own companies with remarkable grace, they struggle to advocate on their own behalf.

The solution.

After spending a great deal of time with me in self-reflection, collaborative discovery, and iterative writing, they regularly emerge from the work with a clearer understanding of themselves, a strategy about how to begin exploring their stealth job search, and a suite of documents that complement their intentions.

Why this blog?

This blog, and The Résumé Studio itself, is built around the nuances and details that, together, help us all better understand and leverage the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly that comes with career development and confidential job searching.

You’ll find that I am passionate about clean copy that meets the expectations of hiring audiences, professional discretion and online privacy that protects stealth job seekers, and a host of other ideas designed to put the individual at the wheel of his or her own career.

Find, follow, reach out.

If you’ve read this far, good. You may be one of my new or lifelong clients, or we may have yet met. But it’s clear that you care about your career in a way that is unique to a select crowd. Reach me any way you like.

Visit: The Resume Studio.com
Call: 415-397-6640

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Connect on LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/jaredredick

Most of all, I hope you’ll subscribe and enjoy my blog!


Jared Redick helps people re-imagine the marketable intersection between their background, interests, audience expectations, and career goals. His strategic “purpose, content, design” approach to résumé writing and design helps people transform rusty résumés into barrier breaking documents.

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