Do You Put “The Love” Into Your Work?

I caught Oprah’s Farewell Season episode profiling Ralph Lauren.

Lauren struck me, like so many entrepreneurs I’ve admired, when he said that the thing differentiating his first line of Bloomingdales ties from his competitor’s ties was “the love.”

I also smiled when he said that for forty years, a runway show can be nearly finished and instead of reveling in the victory, he’s already wondering how he’s going to top it the following year.

It made me wonder how many people love their work. More than that, how many people “put the love” in their work.

If I look at my own practice, the “love” is obsessing over a client’s introductory paragraph. Or asking the one question that finally unlocks a life’s unifying theme. Or settling on the perfect outline for an executive biography.

I write for 85-110 people a year, and can count on my fingers and toes the number of people who’ve shared that they “put the love” in their work.

Sure, many of them enjoy their careers, and they do fantastic jobs. I see the proof every day.

It makes me wonder: Is it possible to work in-house while still “putting the love” in? Or is it reserved for visionary company founders who can’t help going to their graves following their passion?

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