What the BLEEP are LinkedIn Endorsements?

What are LinkedIn EndorsementsAnd more importantly, does LinkedIn risk losing credibility in the long term by unwittingly opening its users up to legal problems in their careers?

A close friend recently asked, “What are LinkedIn endorsements, and do you condone them?”

As management within a public retail giant, he is not authorized to give references or recommendations about employees in his everyday life.

Indeed, reference checks are funneled along to HR, which offers scant details limited to “yes that was their title” and “yes, those were the dates.”

So his wise instinct is not participate in LinkedIn endorsements.

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How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

This blog post was updated on 12/6/12 to reflect changes to LinkedIn’s interface.

Thinking about tightening up your LinkedIn presence?

There are many ways to do that, but perhaps the easiest is snagging your custom public profile URL.

Customizing your public profile URL is great when you want to put it on your business card or résumé. Or anywhere else you want to publicly drive people to find out more about you online. Plus it’s easier to remember!


If your public profile URL isn’t customized, it will appear as a confusing mess, ending in a stream of random numbers and letters, like this:

  • linkedin.com/pub/12kdud9ekhgkdla93s

Ugly, right? (The “pub” part stands for “public.”)

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3 Ways to Get More Job Search Attention

Job seekers twenty years ago made follow-up phone calls to potential employers after responding to advertised positions.

Do that today and you’re likely to be ignored.

A common job seeker frustration is not hearing back from a company you’re interested in, especially when it sounds like a perfect fit.

Improve your odds. Get a phone call by writing to the expectations of your reader. Take a moment to think about what the recipient wants to see on your résumé, then make their dreams come true. If your background is a fit, show them why and how.

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