Launch time!

After years of being a résumé writing weapon for clients, toiling away behind the scenes, it’s time to step into the light!

How many times does a writer get to say that?

So what’s this blog all about? Good question.

Sure, my work requires a deep understanding of the traditional issues orbiting around my clients, their day-to-day challenges, and the path to help them reach their dreams.

But it also requires watching what’s on the cutting edge of the job seeker’s horizon. What norms should never be broken (until they are), and where can a job seeker test the limits?

Through it all, I’m a believer in packaging truth in a super-easy and understandable way. I do that flawlessly in executive résumés, but this blog will test my skills in a new medium.

I hope you find something valuable for having read it. Off we go!

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