How a Little-known DVD Quirk Changed My LinkedIn Profile

Back when DVDs were the rage, a handful of folks knew that “extras” could be found by digging around for what the DVD industry called “Easter Eggs.”

Basically, if you poked around the main menu, you might be rewarded with unmarked behind-the-scenes material that couldn’t be found using the visible menu choices.

It was like hunting for Easter eggs!

Why not use LinkedIn in a similar fashion? 

Some time ago, I began suggesting that clients embed something interesting about themselves in their LinkedIn bios. Something that didn’t appear in their résumé. (Because LinkedIn shouldn’t simply be re-hashed résumé copy.)

And since rumors persist that up to 75% of recruiters look up potential candidates on LinkedIn before originating a call, why not give them a reward for their digging?

Here are some ideas for perking up your LinkedIn profile:

  • Has a personal event / life change motivated a shift in your career?
  • Has a notable person influenced your career?
  • Has a coach or teacher opened up a new world that led you to become who you are today?
  • Has a daredevil, life-changing moment changed how you work? Manage people?
  • What motivates you professionally?

A few years ago, my own LinkedIn bio went from a healthy but simple lineup of positions and specializations, to a personalized glimpse into my life and motivations.

Almost instantly, I saw an uptick in LinkedIn activity. Perhaps because I am my brand. Or perhaps because people started seeing me as a three-dimensional person instead of a one-dimensional bio.

Use discretion for your own circumstances, but think about how you might plant an “Easter Egg” in your own LinkedIn bio. Give visitors an interesting glimpse into what makes you tick.

Until next time!

Jared Redick
Visit: The Resume
Follow: @TheResumeStudio
Call: 415-397-6640

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