Keep Your Résumé Fresh

KeepYourResumeFreshI sent this reminder to my newsletter subscribers in March 2006. Today seems like a good day to revisit it.

A fatal mistake we fallible humans make too often is being unprepared when opportunity strikes. Having an up-to-date résumé ready to rock is no exception.

Suddenly the clock strikes and we find ourselves scrambling to become instant résumé writers at the worst time: when we’re without a job, or close to it.

All sorts of mayhem pours into documents written in haste, exposing a vulnerable, last minute “I hope they can’t tell I crammed for the test” flavored desperation.

Is it possible to take our microwave-ready, just-add-water approach to lives to the task of résumé writing? 


So while watching ice melt might be more appealing than keeping an up-to-date list of job accomplishments, go ahead and schedule time every month to sit down, open a Word document, reflect, and capture your latest accomplishments, promotions, and wins.

Better yet, keep a working version of your résumé handy and spend that every-other-month time recording compelling career stats before they fade.

When it’s time (and it’s not always for a job search, remember board invitations, speaking engagements, proposals, etc), you’ll be confident that you’re presenting your best self to the world.

Take action now: schedule it.

Open your calendar and schedule six “sit downs” with yourself for the next year.

2011 Update:

In the five years since publishing this in 2006, I’ve come to love and Evernote for their cloud storage and cross platform accessibility. Store your résumé on Capture your successes “on the run” using Evernote.

Access it all from your computer, smart phone, or tablet … whichever technology strikes your fancy.

Until next time!

Jared Redick
Visit: The Resume
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Call: 415-397-6640

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