Keep Your Résumé Fresh

KeepYourResumeFreshI sent this reminder to my newsletter subscribers in March 2006. Today seems like a good day to revisit it.

A fatal mistake we fallible humans make too often is being unprepared when opportunity strikes. Having an up-to-date résumé ready to rock is no exception.

Suddenly the clock strikes and we find ourselves scrambling to become instant résumé writers at the worst time: when we’re without a job, or close to it.

All sorts of mayhem pours into documents written in haste, exposing a vulnerable, last minute “I hope they can’t tell I crammed for the test” flavored desperation.

Is it possible to take our microwave-ready, just-add-water approach to lives to the task of résumé writing?  Continue reading

4 Management Metrics That Can Differentiate You in a Job Search

Need in haystackA lot of my résumé writing time is spent culling “scope of work” metrics that define the capacity of my clients to tackle new jobs.

Perhaps the quickest way to understand the importance of presenting your own scope of work is to do a bit of role playing.

Imagine that you’re a recruiter.

You’ve been asked to find the ideal candidate in a global search. You’ll be paid thirty percent of that candidate’s $375K first year salary, so there’s no room for failure. The candidate will have to manage a $30B division of a $100B medical device company. That division has 12,000 employees in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Would you dream of looking for and presenting your client with a candidate who has managed, at most, a local $20M shop with 200 employees?  Continue reading

Creating Affinity With Your Job Search Audience

Creating Job Search AffinityI’m a résumé writer. You already know that.

But did you know I’ve taught piano since 1986? Did you know one of my favorite non-fiction authors is Malcolm Gladwell? Did you know that I’m all about finding the right fit and not forcing things?

Knowing these details about me may, or may not, create affinity with you. If I told you I’d run a marathon or climbed a mountain (marathon no, mountain yes), I might even elicit mild appreciation.

There’s some risk in telling you, though. By breaking a professional barrier, I’ve opened myself to criticism if you don’t think a great résumé writer can also be a great piano teacher.

But get this. I’ve also opened myself up to the opportunity for a stronger tie to you if you understand the connection these elements have in my life and feel greater affinity towards me as a result.

The same “affinity marketing” ideas can be mirrored in cover letters. Here’s how.  Continue reading